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Playboy Vampire's Commissions
Aomwow0044's Request - Snake's Grip by PlayboyVampire
Blaze150's Requests - Colossal Hug by PlayboyVampire
Chatterbox1991's Request - Puppet Show by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Toy Time - Spandex Puppet by PlayboyVampire
If you want to request Playboy Vampire works, feel free to ask away :D (Big Grin)

This section is for Playboy Vampire singles/doubles. They will be requests of one or more Vampirette.

Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire  Please do support Playboy Vampire! :D
Wrestlettes Collection
Wrestlette XXXL - Bodyscissors by PlayboyVampire
Zoey Vs. Katasuri - Boston Crab by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Sage's Lounge - Sexy Wrestlette by PlayboyVampire
The Wrestlettes collection is where you can commission one of our spectacular Vampirettes either by herself in Wrestling attire, or engaging in combat against another Vampirette (of your choice).

If you have a hard on for combative sports featuring spandex-clad women, welcome to your personal haven! Almost HALF of Playboy Vampire are wrestling pictures. So you'll never be disappointed!
Too Tight Leotards
Field of Screams - Too Tight Leotard by PlayboyVampire
FN'G - Too Tight Leotard by PlayboyVampire
This collection will star a Vampirette of your choice to struggle against an insanely tight leotard!

You can make them breathless, panting, gasping or whatever your heart desires to completely suffocate and/or crush her with only a tight-ass leotard ;)

Newest Deviations

Welcome to the gallery of Playboy Vampire!

Within this gallery, you can see works of Playboy vampire, NecroMasters TCG, and even Slappy the Vampire!

Even requests for Playboy Vampire from beautiful Vampees such as yourselves :D

The GIMP by LumiResourcesTraditional Tools by LumiResourcesDigital Camera by LumiResources

And Playboy Vampire needs YOUR help! If you want to request a Series idea, I'm more than happy to do business!


All my favorites



Anina Catscratch by PlayboyVampire
Anina Catscratch
Name: Anina Catscratch

Gender: Female

Occupation: Cat Burglar, Vampirette

Past Residence: Necropolis, NecroWorld

Bio: Anina is a renowned thief in the NecroWorld. Specifically, the Necropolis. She is known to steal food, money, jewels, bank accounts, expensive materials and also has been known to assault to get what she wants. She was finally caught by Necropolice and and was sent to Lady Death for final judgement.

Because of her thieving habits and capability to escape prisons, Anina was sent to Midnight Mansion to spend the rest of her years at with no parole.

Anina is nothing more than a sentient, spandex bodysuit. She was a subspecies of Puppet Zombie known as a "Morphsuit", which are empty costumes capable of living freely without a wearer. They can trap anyone inside them and fully control their limbs. While inside thee Morphsuit Zombie, the wearer's Life Energy slowly drains away as the Life Energy converts into nutrients for the Morphsuit. This does not work on other Puppet Zombies.

Her design and habits were inspired by Catwoman
It had been one hour since Zoey met Tssss and collected wood.

Zoey looked at all the thirty pieces of wood she collected in her inventory. "Okay, now that I have all this wood, what do I do with it?" She turned her attention to Tssss.

The Creeper spoke up. "Now, you want to craft all thirty of those into Wooden plank blocks.

"Will I get thirty of these blocks?"

"No. Each block of wood equals four wooden planks. So that would mean you'll be getting one hundred and twenty wooden planks for all thirty pieces of wood."

Zoey looked in her inventory "How do I craft them? It might take all day to do it by hand."

Tssss pointed at her inventory "You see that series of four squares over there?"


"Place all thirty in there."

Zoey did what Tssss instructed and placed her wooden blocks on one of the spaces. There was a new item that appeared in the box next to it. It looked like a wooden crate to Zoey, but figured it must've been the blocks that Tssss was talking about. She took the series of four wooden planks and saw that there were more there, waiting for her. "Ooh. It's like magic!"

Tssss rolled her eyes with a smile "Noob."


Zoey managed to have all one-hundred and twenty pieces of wooden planks from all the wood that she had.

"Now what do i do with them?" She asked her Creeper Teacher

Tssss pointed at the wooden planks "Now you want to build a small house with these. A house will protect you from the stuff that lurks out at night." Tssss looked up at the sky "And we don't have a whole lot of time left. It's going to get dark soon."

Zoey got up "Okay, so I just simply place it down?"

"pretty much."

Zoey placed one of her newly obtained blocks down and began to make a wooden all, measuring six-by-six.

"Not bad. Now you need a roof." Tssss watched as Zoey was working on her small house that measured to be three blocks high.

Zoey started to place blocks around her house to make a roof. "Alright, now what's next?"

"Now you need a crafting table to make a door."

Zoey looked at the seventy-two wooden blocks she had left in her inventory, then looked back at the Creeper. "How do I make that?"

"You want to place one block of wood in each space of your crafting corner. That will make your crafting table. After that, I'll teach you how to make tools for more efficient mining." Tssss instructed.

Zoey placed one wooden block in each slot of her crafting corner in her inventory and a new item appeared as a crafting table. Excited, Zoey took the crafting Table with the other blocks used disappearing in the process. "Got it!"

Zoey received an achievement notification labelled "Benchmarking".

"Alright," Tssss began "Now place that table anywhere in this space."

Zoey placed it in a corner of her little home.

"Now that you have a crafting table, you'll want to make a door." Tssss pointed at Zoey's wooden blocks "Take six of your remaining sixty-eight blocks and place them in any column in the slots. Just as long as they are beside each other."

Zoey did this over her crafting table and saw a new item awaiting her. It was a set of three doors. Zoey took the doors and placed them in her inventory.

"Okay, now place one of those doors in the entryway here." Tssss pointed at the open space of Zoey's hut.


After hours of crafting, Zoey managed to have her necessary tools. A wooden shovel to dig up dirt and sand, a wooden pickaxe to dig away at cobblestone and iron ore, a wooden axe to chop away at wood, a wooden hoe for gardening purposes, and a wooden sword to fend off some of the monsters that Zoey hadn't come across yet. That left Zoey with fifty-five wooden blocks for her to work with.

Zoey looked at Tssss with curiosity "How do I make a bed?"

Tssss looked at Zoey "Oh, you'll need three wool as well as three wooden blocks to make a bed. However, we'll tackle that later. For now, you'll need a wooden chest to place items inside. You'll be needing fourteen blocks to make a large chest."

Zoey looked at her fifty-five wooden block, then at her crafting table. "Okay, so how do I make a chest?"

"Make a U-shape on the slots with seven of the fourteen blocks. That will make your first chest." Repeating the same way makes another chest. The two chests can be 'fused' to make a large chest." Tssss explained.

Zoey once again, did what the Creeper instructed and eventually made a large chest. "Finally. Is it safe to go outside yet?"

The Creeper shook her head "No. There's still Zombies, Spiders and Skeletons out there. We'll have to wait until the sun rises. When that happens, the Zombies and Skeletons will burn to death and the spiders will most likely be docile. However, there are more Creepers that are more hostile and will detonate if they get too close to you."

The two just sat through the night just talking until the break of dawn.
Zoey groggily awoke from sleep to see a large, square light shining down at her. She shielded her eyes from the intensity of the rays as she scanned her current surroundings.

It looked like a beach side, but something didn't seem right. She noticed everything was cubed. The sand, the grass, even the trees were cubed.

Zoey looked back up, still shielding herself against what she now recognized as the Sun, and saw that the clouds were cubed and transparent.

"What in the Hell?" She began until she noticed her arm. She then jolted back up in shock "What the FUCK!?" Zoey noticed her entire body was also cubed. "What-what happened to me? Is this a dream?" She turned her head to notice a derpy-looking, cubed cow... At least she THOUGHT it was a cow... It moos like one, and certainly LOOKS like one...

All of this overwhelmed her so much. "Okay... So, this is a dream." Zoey began to reason with herself "I'm apparently dreaming about... Legos?" She looked back to the sand "No, not Legos. Legos have those weird, circle attachments to them that connects to other legos." As Zoey began to think as hard as she could, the surrounding area had gotten a bit darker and a flat square appeared.

Zoey opened her eyes to see what looked like a game menu. "Um... So I'm in a game?" Zoey arched an eyebrow in confusion as she thought this over. "What happens if I quit the game?" She thought to herself aloud. "I probably wouldn't risk it." Zoey then noticed an achievements button and proceeded to click on it with her stubby, cubed arm.

'Getting Wood' was the first objective in the web of achievements that opened up before her. The icon for the achievement looked like a piece of the trees nearby. "Getting Wood? Do I have to build something? All of this looks buildable." Zoey looked around her some more over the darkly dimmed background. "This all looks so familiar, somehow." She turned back to the Achievements list and closed it. It returned her back to the Game Menu, and she clicked the 'Back to Game' button.

The darkness was brightened once more. Zoey turned to see the trees and made her way to them.

"How am I supposed to get wood? Do I need an axe or something?" Zoey wondered around the tree and scanned it with her eyes. "Hmm. Am I supposed to just pull it off?" She wrapped her arms around the tree trunk and pulled with all her might. After two minutes of this, she gave up. "This is impossible!" She exclaimed furiously "How am I supposed to get wood without tools!?"

"Punch it..." A voice called out from the distance.

Zoey's left ear twitched as she turned her head to investigate the sound "Who's there?" She called out.

A somewhat small creature appeared. It was green and female in appearance. She had black eye sockets with glowing red eyes. The creature also had long, black hair, held up by a chain. She even wore a unique leotard with an emblem of what looked like an eerie face. She was a strange creature indeed as she had no arms, but four, crouched legs.

"W-what are you?" Zoey stammered "Are you an alien?"

The creature laughed at the notion "No, I'm not an alien." She said, trying to stop laughing "I'm known as a Creeper."

"Creeper? What's that?"

"Wow, you MUST be new here to not know what a Creeper is."

"My idea of a Creeper is someone who stalks others."

The Creeper smirked at Zoey "Interesting. However, here in the Overworld, Creepers are living moss that detonate and explode, causing a serious amount of damage to anything nearby." The Creeper chuckled as she continued "I guess you can say, we're living TNT blocks."

Zoey's face was grim at the sound of what this Creeper had said to her. "Why are you named Creepers?"

The Creeper grinned mischievously "Because, we sneak up on unsuspecting people and detonate. The only sound they ever hear is 'Tssssssss'" She imitated as a fuse.

Zoey backed up slowly to only be stopped by the tree she was trying to get wood from "Hey now. I don't even have a weapon. Please don't kill me."

The Creeper laughed "I wouldn't kill a noob! That would not only be too easy, but dishonorable." She ceased her laughing and looked at Zoey with a friendly expression on her face "So instead, I'll help you get started. What's your name, by the way?"

Zoey blinked "My name is Zoey. Zoey Charm. And you are... Creeper?"

"No, I AM a Creeper, but that's not my name. My name is actually Tssss"

Zoey panicked and hid behind the tree expecting Tssss to explode.

Tssss blinked as she saw Zoey dash behind the tree "Um, no. I mean that's my name. 'T', four 'S's"

Zoey poked her head out "Oh. That makes more sense... I guess."

Tssss pointed to the tree with one of her front legs "So, you need some of that wood, eh?"

Zoey looked at the tree, then back to Tssss and nodded.

The Creeper walked up to the tree and knocked on it with the same leg "You gotta punch these things to get wood. I've seen many Miners do it and they easily had gotten wood successfully."

"Wouldn't that hurt my hand?" Zoey arched an eyebrow as she looked at Tssss in confusion.

Tssss chuckled "No, watch." She proceeded to kick the wood four times, causing the wood to crack each time she kicked the tree. After the fourth kick, the wood shrank into a smaller, levitating cube of wood. "There we go. Now, collect it." Tssss instructed.

Zoey stood for a moment to study the cube with her eyes. She was about to touch the rotating piece of tree trunk when it disappeared and reappeared in her hand. The block of wood appeared to be slightly bigger than when it shrunk after being kicked off the tree. This startled zoey for a second.

"Pretty neat, huh?" Tssss asked. "Now instead of using your hands, you can use that block to gather some more wood."

"Um, okay..." Zoey was all around confused by all of this, but did exactly what Tssss had suggested. She looked at the next part of the tree trunk with the block in her hand and began to hammer it against the strangely floating tree. After four hits, another block of wood fell out.

"Good, keep hitting." Tssss pointed at the tree that was two blocks short.

Zoey looked at the tree "Why isn't it falling down? Is there gravity in this world, or is it by magic?"

"To be honest," Tssss shook her head "I have absolutely no idea how it works. I just explode. I don't do physics."
Zoey in Minecraft - Page 1
I decided to make this into a story! I will add a thumbnail to this soon, but other than that, this is the first page of my "Zoey in Minecraft" Story Series! :D
OuterWorld - Xtraczis, the Stravatian Queen by PlayboyVampire
OuterWorld - Xtraczis, the Stravatian Queen
A new Vampirette.... From another world! :iconufoplz:

Xtraczis is the Overlady of a powerful race of both Telekinetic and Telepathic creatures known as "Stravatian". They're main goal is galactic conquest, or in better terms, Power. They do this by forming alliances with equally powered aliens and either conquering/destroying weaker aliens.

The main diet of a Stravatian is liquids. They have a straw-like tongue that they use to drink liquids with. If they choose to have solids liquified, they shoot an acidic substance from their tongues and wait until the object is liquified before they drink it.

The main abilities of a Stravatian are their use of psychic-like capabilities that include telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and projecting a psychic force field. Not a single weapon or attack of any kind is able to penetrate the field or even supersede the psychic powers of the Stravatian empire. However, they only have one weakness. A weakness that would protect Earth from any invasion from the Stravatians.

Their weakness is Stupidity. Not intentional stupidity, but the actual lack of intelligence. Since we have stupid people on Earth, and that Stravatians are telepathic, they are what will keep us alive against any threat made by Stravatians.

And the reason why I say this is because even their weaponry requires telekinetic blast waves to destroy planets with. In layman's terms, the brains of a Stravatian is the main fuel for their weapons.

PLUS, the amount of actual stupidity is also said to cause pain to the Stravatians' brain. Similar to a headache but more unbearable.

In case anyone asks what the text in the background says, here it is:

the earth will belong to stravatia.

we are preparing for the invasion.

they have no choice but to surrender.

they will all fall servile to us.

resistance is futile there is no escape.

there is no hope. they must serve us.


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Hey everyone! It's been SEVEN Years since Playboy Vampire was first released to the public! And many of you have been awesome supporters!

That's why from now to the 21st of May, I will pay 50 points to see some awesome anniversary fan art! All you have to do is post a link to the fan art on this journal and I will reward you 50 :iconpointsplz: and maybe even a llama ;)

You can have a look at my Completed Works folder to see the list of Vampirettes for your fan art here:…

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with ;D

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I am also the creator for NecroMasters which is a TCG (Trading card Game) in progress that revolves around the Undead and their folklore as well as Medieval Necromancy.

I removed my email for safety reasons.

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