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Playboy Vampire's Commissions
Aomwow0044's Request - Snake's Grip by PlayboyVampire
Blaze150's Requests - Colossal Hug by PlayboyVampire
Chatterbox1991's Request - Puppet Show by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Toy Time - Spandex Puppet by PlayboyVampire
If you want to request Playboy Vampire works, feel free to ask away :D (Big Grin)

This section is for Playboy Vampire singles/doubles. They will be requests of one or more Vampirette.

Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire  Please do support Playboy Vampire! :D
Bite Me! - Damn It! - 6-Feet Under
Damn It: No Axe in Hell by PlayboyVampire
6-Feet Under - Why Morty Hates Halloween by PlayboyVampire
Bite Me! - Giving Dollface a Smile by PlayboyVampire
You can commission one of my silly comics!

Bite Me! - This series by itself is Playboy Vampire-related as it features the Vampirettes and minor characters (Stanley, Morty, Midnight and the Master)

Damn It! - A series devoted to the loony antics of Satanae Mantra!

6-Feet Under: A series that features Morty, Midnight Mansion's servile (and oblivious) Ghoul.
Story Panels
Playboy Vampire - Catching a Hamburglar - part 1 by PlayboyVampire
Zangoose Vs. Seviper 8 by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Cursed Leotard 9 by PlayboyVampire
These will take more than one drawing of. They are 50 points each, depending on how long the panels are going for. You can even request paged Comics for 100 points each!Playboy Vampire Comic - Revenge of Vira - Part 1 by PlayboyVampire  like this one!
NecroMasters TCG
NecroMasters - Drac's Poor Engineering Skills by PlayboyVampire
NecroMasters - Graphic Artist's Dark Toad by PlayboyVampire
NecroMasters - Card Art - Lady Death by PlayboyVampire
NecroMasters - Card Art - Terrorland Tea Party by PlayboyVampire
You can request a NecroMasters TCG card for the second cheapest price of 20 Points! Ask me more about this offer to understand the rulings and I'll add your card to the TCG Fan Collection!
Playboy Vampire (S) - Vampirettes and 7camo7 by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire (S) - Sage Darkwing by PlayboyVampire
Art Trade(S) - Drakisenna4ever - Happy Halloween! by PlayboyVampire
Commandergrunt's Request - Stripped Reaper by PlayboyVampire
Possibly the cheapest commissions, they go for 10 Points. They can be anything as long as it's Playboy Vampire-related of course.

Newest Deviations

Welcome to the gallery of Playboy Vampire!

Within this gallery, you can see works of Playboy vampire, NecroMasters TCG, and even Slappy the Vampire!

Even requests for Playboy Vampire from beautiful Vampees such as yourselves :D

The GIMP by LumiResourcesTraditional Tools by LumiResourcesDigital Camera by LumiResources

And Playboy Vampire needs YOUR help! If you want to request a Series idea, I'm more than happy to do business!


All my favorites



Skeleton - Jailbats - Zoey Charm by PlayboyVampire
Skeleton - Jailbats - Zoey Charm
A new series coming to Playboy Vampire called "Jailbats"!

What is it you may ask? It's where Zoey ends up in Prison for a false accusation and meets Starr. And let's say Starr already grew quite an attraction to her on a prisoner level.
Trt - 029 - Boo! by PlayboyVampire
Trt - 029 - Boo!
This almost has the same effect as "Ghostick Scare". However, You Necromance the Tricker Zombies and you can shuffle the same number of Zombies your opponent controls in effect back into the owner's Mortuary ;)

So... It's BETTER than Ghostrick Scare :P


PlayboyVampire has started a donation pool!
52 / 16,000
Salutations to all...

I will be open for commissions, art Trades and Requests.

For commissions cost, it varies from how well the work is to YOU... ranging from 10 to... whatever...

Or if you are a loyal fan, that just likes my work, either way :D...

:pointsfux: by BlissfullySarcasticYour donations will help:pointsfux: by BlissfullySarcastic

This will greatly support Playboy Vampire! Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire

Main goal: 1 year Premium Membership. :iconpointslaplz:

Your donations will be more than greatly appreciated!


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The "N2S" means "Not too serious"

And by that I'm not calling quits, I'm not a HUGE dick :P

I do have a problem with memory. And I had everyone's Requests/Commissions written down on my profile while I still had my premium. Now since I am not a premium anymore, I totally forgot and I haven't even worked on any because of my poor memory.

I am truly sorry if many of you are reading this and finding yourselves extremely pissed off, but I can make it up to you. I will update this journal every now and then and the first commenter who reminds me of their request/commission will be mentioned on my Journal. I will force myself to take a week or less to finish the commenter's request/commission so hopefully I can get things done right :)

Again, I do severely apologize for not getting ANYTHING done. I will make things right, and I will have it done when I receive the information.

Journal History



Grishnack Ravencroft
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
In case nobody knows this, Playboy Vampire is considered to be the underground version of "Playboy".

It's target audiences, the "Underground" (Goths, Emos, Punks, etc...).

Playboy Vampire is somewhat a relation to the Playboy franchise, but much more "darker" and "Hauntingly".

Now, the Playboy Vampire project has expanded from DeviantART, to SheezyArt, to Hentai Foundry to Weebly. (

I also take requests for Playboy Vampire, nothing else... Not Fairly Odd Parents, or Invader Zim, or other television shows, I don't do that... Just Playboy Vampire...

So, if you have ANY requests for Playboy Vampire images, let me know... You can even let me know on DeviantART, my website, or my gmail account.

I removed my email for safety reasons.

Current Residence: Don't bother asking...
Favourite genre of music: Goth/Industrial/Grindcore
Favourite style of art: Drawing
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: Coby MP3
Shell of choice: egg shells
Wallpaper of choice: Black (just like my soul)
Skin of choice: Pale as a ghost
Favourite cartoon character: Anti-Wanda
Personal Quote: The MASTER has arrived!

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funnytime77 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've heard quite a lot about you, Jonathan. Not at all positive either mind you... It appears that you have this sense of false hope going for you.

Here's some hard truth... Love is like the Human body. It will eventually die and rot in its grave. Dark, yes. But keep in mind that it's truth.

However, from what I uncovered, you have been stalking a poor female for quite a while... For someone who claims to be "nice" and considers oneself as a "Hero of Light", you can be VERY destructive. Very destructive indeed. Like the Black Plague. Are you familiar with it? Very famous. Killed more than half of Europe. However, like you... The Black Death didn't MEAN to cause havoc, chaos and destruction at its wake.

I believe that you cling into a fantasy world, your "Wonderland" where you want to escape reality and live in your Castle of peace and tranquility... MANIPULATING others like marionettes in your theater of Tragic Comedy.

Also, I've noticed that you've also been pretty cheap on Art Trades. I noticed this on Fur Affinity. However, the original post might've been taken down.

Keep in mind, Jonathan that even your attempts to convince me via "Oh, they are just being mean to me. They are trolls. I am Nice" is all nothing more than a repetitious ruse. It is, it really is. I have seen a LOT of proof that supports that. However, you have NOTHING to show as proof on YOUR behalf. Maybe because you aren't what you claim to be.

You say that you're a "Hero of Light". You say that you are "Nice", but what I've witnessed proves you otherwise as a malicious calamity. Again, I don't blame you entirely. Your conquest for achieving peace has several bumps on the road, however it has gotten to a point where you torment this poor individual, Kristina, was it? You torment her, stalk her and quite possibly traumatized her as well. And when people even bring up the subject about HOW maliciously calamitous you've been, you decide to change the topic. Roleplaying, specifically, as a means of escape.

What have you to say for yourself, Jonathan? And do spare me the same cookie-cutter drivel you spewed out to many who may or may not have fallen victim to your desires. I will not tolerate such nonsense.
funnytime77 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
oh no... not you too!
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry, but the evidence supports against you. And you have nothing of proof to support your end.

Unless you HAVE something, then I'm afraid it has to be.
(1 Reply)
dinoboygreen Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Playboy! I got a great idea for a card game, and since you're a proprietor of card games yourself, I see it best to have you be its judge.…
Happypasta-Caven Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Master I got feeling that I'm going LOVE the hell outta Iris because I like one-eyed things.
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, I know another artist who makes one-eyed slime creatures, similar to Iris but also like Jelly-O.
Happypasta-Caven Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You do?Do tell.
PlayboyVampire Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

She makes all sorts of cool, weirdy stuff. "Slimeballs" (The Iris+Jelly-O mix), humanoid cockroaches (my personal favorite XD), Killer Klowns fan-artish, and Clown stuff :P

Her stuff is actually pretty awesome, I recommend you check it out :D
(1 Reply)
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Fav:D       
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