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Playboy Vampire's Commissions
Aomwow0044's Request - Snake's Grip by PlayboyVampire
Blaze150's Requests - Colossal Hug by PlayboyVampire
Chatterbox1991's Request - Puppet Show by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Toy Time - Spandex Puppet by PlayboyVampire
If you want to request Playboy Vampire works, feel free to ask away :D (Big Grin)

This section is for Playboy Vampire singles/doubles. They will be requests of one or more Vampirette.

Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire  Please do support Playboy Vampire! :D
Wrestlettes Collection
Wrestlette XXXL - Bodyscissors by PlayboyVampire
Zoey Vs. Katasuri - Boston Crab by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire - Sage's Lounge - Sexy Wrestlette by PlayboyVampire
The Wrestlettes collection is where you can commission one of our spectacular Vampirettes either by herself in Wrestling attire, or engaging in combat against another Vampirette (of your choice).

If you have a hard on for combative sports featuring spandex-clad women, welcome to your personal haven! Almost HALF of Playboy Vampire are wrestling pictures. So you'll never be disappointed!
Too Tight Leotards
Field of Screams - Too Tight Leotard by PlayboyVampire
FN'G - Too Tight Leotard by PlayboyVampire
This collection will star a Vampirette of your choice to struggle against an insanely tight leotard!

You can make them breathless, panting, gasping or whatever your heart desires to completely suffocate and/or crush her with only a tight-ass leotard ;)

Newest Deviations

Welcome to the gallery of Playboy Vampire!

Within this gallery, you can see works of Playboy vampire, NecroMasters TCG, and even Slappy the Vampire!

Even requests for Playboy Vampire from beautiful Vampees such as yourselves :D

The GIMP by LumiResourcesTraditional Tools by LumiResourcesDigital Camera by LumiResources

And Playboy Vampire needs YOUR help! If you want to request a Series idea, I'm more than happy to do business!


All my favorites


Request and Commission pending

After I'm done with these requests, I'm only going to take Commissions. The same rules apply for Commissions:

:bulletblack: Must be Playboy Vampire/Necromasters Related.
:bulletred: If you want just yourself, there will be slight alterations (which all depends).

:icongodgriff: - Himself as a Vampire, being squeezed by a Vampirette in a headscissor submission
:icongexon: - Zoey as a Kickboxer
:iconkite2014: - COMMISSIONED - Power Gal's defeat - Story panels
:iconundeadpreist: - Commission 1 - Toon Summoned Skull, Commission 2 - Vampirette in armor
:iconryokijurushi: - OC -Ryoki Jurushi Kazegawa - mummified by Cleo Necrotiti
:icondremare: - OC, Elasta drawn in PBV style
:icone-109: - Vampirette facesitting
:iconmastersaruwatari: - OC Contessa as a Drider
:iconbigboi696768: - Commission: Umbra Darkmoor laying on her back with legs spread open and a torn leotard exposing breasts and genitalia
:iconstormpenny: - Commission: OC

Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampirePlayboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampirePlayboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire


Toy Time - Jacqueline Crank by PlayboyVampire
Toy Time - Jacqueline Crank
Here is some more "Toy Time"! And this time, with a new Vampirette! Meet Jacqueline Crank!

Name: Jacqueline Crank

Age: Unknown

Species: Puppet

Jacqueline's design was inspired from five sources.

1. Harley Quinn from the Batman Series
2. Toy Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's 2
3. Balloon Boy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2
4. Bickuribox from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise
5. Crazy Jack, an old OC of mine that I had as a character reference to Drac-in-the-Box

Jacqueline is a fiendish Jack-in-the-Box that scales to be as tall as 6-7 feet. She carries a box that contains her favorite weapon known as the "Snapbat". It appears as a toy bat attached to a spring with a bear trap-like smile that snaps shut against anything in its mouth.

She was normally used as a birthday clown themed animatronic that entertained kids and gave out birthday presents (not to be linked to the Marionette from the FNAF series). However, after a problematic error that involved a child crushed inside a birthday box, Jacqueline was scrapped entirely.

Jacqueline eventually was brought to a travelling circus called "Dr. Dare's Freakshow", the same circus that Kolor once worked at. Jacquelin was then programmed to give gifts from the various game kiosks. Later, the same incident happened that resulted the death of an adult because a kid accidentally sprayed water in her mouth.

Jacqueline was reprogrammed once again but only made things worse for the Circus as the demented animatronic killed 3 more patrons of the circus and severely injured 6, including staff.

After financial problems to the circus because of the disasters created by Jacqueline, Dr. Dare had to forever close the circus and the freaks and clowns had to find work elsewhere while Jacqueline occupied the abandoned circus for years. Killing anyone that dared to trespass on her new home.

After the destruction of the fairgrounds by a freak storm, Jacqueline seeked a new home, which eventually brought her to Midnight Woods. 
On April 1st, there will be a one-page comic called "Feeding the Troll" featuring: Villas Vandraedum and the Shadow!

Now normally, I would just make panels as opposed to an actual full page, but I decided to make an exception ;)

Now, if you think this is a prank, I will not reveal the truth. :iconrainbowtrollplz: It could, or could not. I will guarantee that you can see the uncensored version on Fur Affinity and it will be posted on my Patreon for Patrons to purchase ;)
Playboy Vampire Calendar - April 2015 by PlayboyVampire
Playboy Vampire Calendar - April 2015
I will be uploading some of these Calendars to show what I'll be doing for the month and any holidays that need to be featured. I will update it later.

Featured Series': "Troll'D" (April Fool's Day), "Heavenly" (Holy Thursday), "Rabbit Cottontail" (Easter Sunday), "Voodoo" (World Health Day and Earth Day), "War-Head" (Vimy Ridge Day and Anzac Day) and "Botannica" (Earth Day)

Other Series that will also be featured for April will be "Bee and the Wasp", "Insectica" and "Crushing Pains".
Easter Creature Feature - The Easter Bunny Killer by PlayboyVampire
Easter Creature Feature - The Easter Bunny Killer
Welcome back Vampees for another gruesome tale of terror this Easter! This is none other than Easter Creature Feature... And this is today's story.....

"In 1949, a man in a bunny costume was commonly seen wandering the neighborhood of a small town in Fairfax County, Virginia and watching children that were at play. When any child that talked to him asked who he were, he told them that he was the Easter Bunny. He would always stand out there on nice Spring afternoons and watch the children until they went inside so he could find out where they lived.

At night, he would break into their houses and hack up their parents with an axe. Then, he kidnapped the children and disappeared into the night. After a while, when all the kids in the neighborhood have disappeared, the police finally connected the murders and kidnappings to the strange man who had been posing as the Easter Buny. However, he proved to be elusive. Nobody knew who he was or where he lived.

Shortly afterwards however, the Bunnyman was seen again in another neighborhood in the daytime, but when police responded, he was gone. Sure enough, the man in the bunny costume was seen heading towards a house. He was holding an axe.

The police pulled their car over and heard him singing: "Here comes the Easter Bunny. Hacking up all the parents I can. Hippity Hoppity, bloodshed's on its way."

They yelled for him to freeze, but he ignored them and kept on walking. They got out of the car and warned him to put the axe down or they will shoot. Instead, the man charged at the police, swinging the axe over his head. The police had no choice but to shoot him. Their bullets ripped through his costume and he fell to the ground. Emergency services were called and the man in the bunny costume was pronounced dead on the scene.

The police tore off his mask and looked at his face, but they didn't recognized him. Nobody knew who he was and they were never able to identify him. Another problem was that with the Easter Bunny dead, there was no one to tell the police what he had done with all the children he kidnapped.

One day, two fishermen were down by the bridge when they heard a bunch of children crying. They went to investigate and found a shed underneath the bridge. The door to the shed had a big padlock on it. They could hear the children inside screaming for help. One of the fishermen stayed there and tried to calm the kids down while the other ran off to get the police.

When the police arrived, they fetched a pair of boltcutters and broke the padlock, letting the kids out. Then, they searched the shed and discovered a bunny costume and all kinds of weapons. The police concluded that this was the secret hideout of the Easter Bunny. They cleared it out, took everything into evidence and then had it demolished.

A year later, the Mayor wanted the town to forget that the Easter Bunny ever existed. He banned the celebration of Easter and outlawed the sale of Easter eggs. Over the years, the story of the Easter Bunny became an urban legend, prompting thrillseekers to venture over to the bridge where his shack once stood. It was a common dare among teenagers to venture out there, especially on Halloween night.

Those who dared to go often would report seeing a figure standing in the tunnel with an axe in its hand. If no figure was visible, any teenager brave, stupid or drunk enough to go inside the tunnel would be caught in a flash of light. When it cleared, their hacked up bodies would be hanging from the top of the bridge. The Bunnyman's ghost was rumored to be the cause of this. They say he also roams the nearby woods, chopping up any teenagers he finds in them.

Every year on Halloween, the cops try to keep thrillseekers from going to Bunnyman Bridge. Since there is a railroad on top of the tunnel, it's illegal to wander around on top of the bridge or loiter around it. If thecops catch them, they will give you a warning to leave while you still can. If you value your life, please obey them. Unless, of course, you want them to tell you the true story of the Easter Bunny."

You can find this terrifying tale here:…


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Salutations to all...

I will be open for commissions, art Trades and Requests.

For commissions cost, it varies from how well the work is to YOU... ranging from 10 to... whatever...

Or if you are a loyal fan, that just likes my work, either way :D

:thumb156921429:Your donations will help:thumb156921429:

This will greatly support Playboy Vampire! Playboy Vampire Support Stamp by PlayboyVampire

Your donations will be more than greatly appreciated!


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New Upcoming Series!

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 11:40 PM
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I was sent a Commission note by :icondark-wine: for something similar to "Wrestlette XXXL" but it involves a large, Muscular Vampirette fighting against a small, weak Vampirette.

I was SO going to make this commission, however, I was stopped by a brilliant idea! I could take the whole commission idea and turn it into a new series in general! The Series will be called "Crushing Pains". It will feature the only muscular Vampirette I have, Alyria. And she will wrestle a small, weak Vampirette of your choice! I will post more about this at a later time!

Here's how it works though! You can pay 20-50 Points towards seeing the tiny Vampirette get totally destroyed by the crushing devastation of Alyria. To pay points, simply pay to my donation pool and I'll give you some sexy wrestling action of Alyria, the muscular werewolf against one of FOUR possible victims!

Who are these possible candidates? Stay tuned for more ;)

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Grishnack Ravencroft
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I am the creator of the infamous Playboy Vampire. Playboy Vampire is a type of Pornographic Spandex Fetish idea of mine (For more explicit stuff however, check out my Fur Affinity). Playboy Vampire is also a type of Psychological Experiment to determine who is turned on by what (i.e. Inflation, Vore, Dominatrix, et cetera)

I am also the creator for NecroMasters which is a TCG (Trading card Game) in progress that revolves around the Undead and their folklore as well as Medieval Necromancy.

I removed my email for safety reasons.

Current Residence: Don't bother asking...
Favourite genre of music: Goth/Industrial/Grindcore
Favourite style of art: Drawing
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: Coby MP3
Shell of choice: egg shells
Wallpaper of choice: Black (just like my soul)
Skin of choice: Pale as a ghost
Favourite cartoon character: Anti-Wanda
Personal Quote: The MASTER has arrived!

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Who will Alyria destroy in "Crushing Pains"? 

8 deviants said Rabbit Zoey
6 deviants said Molly Dolly
3 deviants said Patty O'Lassie
2 deviants said Sunshine Cuddlebear

Monthly Vampirette

This is the Monthly Vampirette where you will be revealed ONE Vampirette each month as well as some interesting things about them ;)

Rabbit Cottontail - Zoey Charm by PlayboyVampire

This Month of April will be Zoey Charm! Voted by you guys ;)

Fun Facts about Katya
:bulletblack: Zoey is married to Starr Ravenclaw
:bulletred: Zoey is a major masochist
:bulletblack: She is originally an Angel that was exiled from Heaven
:bulletred: Even though she is not among the administrator ranks, she has just about the same administration as the Master

Upcoming Series and Updates!

:bulletred: "Rabbit Cottontail", a Series involving Zoey Charm as the Easter Bunny

:bulletblack: "April Trolls' Day" A series featuring both Kolor the Clown and Villas Vandraedum.

:bulletred: "Easter Creature Feature" will make a return with another scary Easter story ;)

:bulletblack: More pics for "Abra-Kadabra" and "Wonderland: Revisited"

:bulletred: A new Series arises: "Crushing Pains". Stay Tuned for more info ;)

:bulletblack: tba

:bulletred: tba

:bulletblack: tba

Flag of Midnight Mansion by PlayboyVampireFlag of Midnight Mansion by PlayboyVampire


Thanx for the fav :hug:
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What do you think of my new username,Master?
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Where've you been lately?
Mon Oct 21, 2013, 4:06 PM
I LOVE your journal skin :D
Fri Aug 30, 2013, 11:35 AM
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Try out my Shoutbox! It's really fun!
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