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Submitted on
May 7, 2012
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Playboy Vampire - Azarah the Dragoness by PlayboyVampire Playboy Vampire - Azarah the Dragoness by PlayboyVampire
Name: Azarah

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Dragoness (from what I can recall, it's a female dragon with human-like characteristics)

Series: Dragon Fire

Bio: Azarah was once in league with Satanae, her father and the five princes of Hell. She was also once the sworn enemy of the "Banished Angel", Zoey Charm (which is a long story).

After a war between Heaven and Hell a few billion years go without Zoey and Starr, Azarah went off in search of Zoey to destroy her.

Her power is unmatched by anyone, even by the five princes, Lucifer and Satanae. Her mystical capabilities are also astonishing as she can summon fiery meteor showers from a darkened portal and exhale ominous blue fire.

Those who challenged her were merely foolish, and never lived to tell the tale as her tremendous strength mashed them or tore them to shreds.

After finally meeting with Zoey years later (Not present day) they had their fight, and Zoey barely survived the combat. However, it was disrupted by an event which wiped out the existence of the dinosaurs.

The rest I ain't tellin'... *Trollface*
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Slappy-TheEvil-Dummy Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Caresse'-me-:*Glumps her*
really she zoey's rival, that not good i want to be on Azarah as she is a dragon like me, but zoey looks good as blue-eyes toon dragon......errr y must you make me choose.

i guess i go with Azarah as she is one of my race and she looks sexy in her leotard and she has a collar, collar's are cool XD
PlayboyVampire Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, aftermath was that Azarah finally withdrew her intentions to kill Zoey.


So now, you can love em' both :D
Is amazing the detailing on her, as well the way yoiu made a reptilian gal gets way hottie ;) Well, and of course with the leotard things get better! ;)
PlayboyVampire Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, totally :D
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